Dinner Menu – To Start…

choose from a selection of

Fresh Local Mussels
steamed in white wine, onions, and garlic

Salt & Pepper Squid
fresh squid in a crispy salt & pepper coating and served with sweet chilli mayonnaise


Duo of Oriental Duck
pulled duck pancake and a duck drumsticks both marinated in sweet soy and sweet chilli ,
served on crispy salad leaves with sesame seeds

Mermaid Seafood Soup
thick and creamy; white fish cooked in our homemade stock and finished with cream & served with crusty bread

Cornish Smokies
smoked haddock cooked in a rich cheese sauce topped with cheddar & potato

Monkfish, Tiger Prawn, Chorizo & Halloumi [gf]
marinated in lemon and garlic, grilled on a skewer

Goats Cheese Salad [v]
made with olives, fresh leaves, cherry tomatoes, red onion, and croutons, served with a pesto dressing

Basket of St.Ives bakery bread with Oil & Balsamic and Garlic


Or just some nibbles…?

Bowl of Mixed Olives [gf]

Garlic Bread