Wine List

In addition to an extensive bar featuring a wide range of spirits, lagers, beers and soft drinks, we also have a wide range of wines by the glass or bottle to suit every palette

White Wines

Paarl Heights Chenin Blanc-South Africa
175ml £5.50 / 250ml £6.50 / Bottle £17.95

El Ninot Sauvignon-Spain
175ml £5.75 / 250ml £6.00 / Bottle £18.95

Soldiers Block Chardonnay-Australia
Bottle £19.95

Alpha Zeta soave-Italy

175ml 5.95/250ml £6.95/ bottle £20.95

Terrce della Luna Pinot Gregio-Italy
Bottle £22.95

New Zealand Sauvignon blanc
175ml £6.95/ 250ml 8.95 Bottle £25.95

Muscadet De Sevre et Maine
Bottle £24.95


Gremilllet Brut Reserve Champagne-France 
Bottle £39.95

Italia Prosecco-Italy
Bottle £24.95

Camel Valley Pinot Noir Brut – Cornwall*
Bottle £45

Rose Wine

Pasquiers Grenache Rose-France
175ml £5.70 / 250ml £7.75 / Bottle £18.95


Red Wines

Seriti Merlot – South Africa
175ml £5.50 / 250ml £7.50 / Bottle £17.95

Al Tesoro Shiraz Monastrell – South Africa
175ml £5.75 / 250ml £7.75 / Bottle £18.95

Italia Primitivo-Italy
Bottle £19.95

Vega del rayo Rioja joven-Spain
Bottle £20.95

Adobe Reserva Pinot Noir-Chile
Bottle £21.95

Les Pivoines Beaujolais Villages-France

Bottle £23.95

Amauta Absoluto Malbec-Argentina

Bottle £25.95

Chianti DOCG La Vigna Wicker Flask – Italy
a Mermaid classic – and the wine that adds to the restaurant’s unique character. Once finished you’re welcome to decorate your bottle and we’ll hang it, adding it to our extensive collection of unique memories…
Bottle £21.95